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Shahsavan textile collection

Oh, you painters who ask for a technique of colour—study carpets and there you will find all knowledge.” Paul Gauguin


Tribal Impulse has acquired 12 rare antique textiles, made in the 18th and 19th centuries. They have been mounted on a neutral backing, so they can be hung on a wall, like a painting. The name Shahsavan is applied to a group of several Turkic-speaking tribes that live mostly in north-western Iran.


They are flatweave antique storage bags fronts, very similar to Caucasian weaves. The designs have a wonderful sense of motion. This quality is created by use of positive and negative spaces and is the result of conscious and skilful calculation. There is also the attraction of alluring colours. Natural dyes in antique Shahsavan pieces have mellowed beautifully.


The textiles in this collection came into Afghanistan during the turmoil of the Iranian Islamic revolution. In 1980 Afghanistan was in turmoil, after revolution and invasion by the Soviet Union and the Copelands bought the collection, and have stored it since then.


Each piece is mounted on coreboard, and is ready for hanging. They can easily be framed. Textiles on walls absorb sound. They vary in size, but average around 90x120cm. Buy one from Tribal Impulse for only $600. They are great value as they were originally priced from $900 to $2400.

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