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Tribal Rugs

Over the decades I have imported many wonderful tribal rugs, and kilims from Central Asia. I have also enjoyed working with experts Leigh and Alexandra Copeland who have been absolute leaders in this field and have wonderful experience and knowledge in this field

After decades of collecting wonderful ethnographic art they have retired from this pursuit.

July 2018. “After 45 years dealing with tribal rugs from Afghanistan, we no longer have any rugs in stock. We are now able to devote more time to Alexandra’s work in ceramics.

Alexandra’s recent work will be exhibited at Weft from 21 July, 2018.”

It is wonderful to have been able to purchased their remaining collection.

Tribal art is the visual art and material culture of indigenous peoples. Also known as ethnographic art, or, controversially, primitive arttribal arts have historically been collected by Western anthropologists, private collectors, and museums, particularly ethnographic and natural history museums.

We sell authentic pieces that are mostly more than 60 years old and reflect a nomadic life style that no longer exists. No two pieces are the same. They are brilliant tribal artefacts and one-off works of art, made over months. They add so much authentic character to a home.

They are great value and grow in price as they become more scarce, due to the limited supply and the growing demand from museums and textile collectors .

The rugs and kilims are very sturdy. They are made from very strong wool fibres from the local fat tailed sheep, or camel, and greatly outlast modern rugs made in India and Pakistan from fine Australian and New Zealand wool.

Detail of flat weave kilim

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