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What is handmade

What is handmade?

The lines Tribal Impulse selects are mostly handmade from natural materials.  Many of us are still inspired by nature and spiritual interpretations, and love these products.

Even from a distance Tribal Impulse stock shows a spirit and natural character  that no machine can produce.   This does not mean machines are not used.  Textile workers use looms and sewing machines, and wood workers often use power tools.   The process is never fully automated. The important point is the craftsperson’s skill with the tools and imagination that determine the outcome of their handcrafted creation. 

Wood, fabric, stone, metal and glass are just some of the natural materials used.   Craftspeople  from every culture then put their ideas, skill, spiritual beliefs  and creativity into producing something  very special. 

All art and craft has a cultural context . To be creative in any field including cooking and music, you start with some existing ideas.   In this limited sense all creative acts can be seen as cultural appropriation.  All ideas share some humanity and cultural history.  What is unique in each piece is the special blending of existing ideas.  It is crude thinking to believe some theft has occurred, the proper meaning of appropriation.

Whenever possible I acknowledge sources and pay them for use of artwork when appropriate.

For an interesting insight into this subject look online at the myth of cultural appropriation.

"HANDS OFF MY CULTURE!" | The Myth of Cultural Appropriation ...


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