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Buddha Thai Bronze Gold Leaf 30cm

Buddha Thai Bronze Gold Leaf 30cm

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Authentic Devotional Buddha in lotus position. on base with gold leaf finish.

Sukhothai Buddha touching the earth mudra.

What is an authentic Object of Devotion?

They are made by the people who live and follow the represented religion who are skilled in the techniques involved in producing these figures. In many cultures they come from families who have created images for the culture for many generations. Like all great artists and craftspeople they believe in what they do.

 Before mass molds metal works including silver and gold jewelry and sculptures were produced by the lost wax technique. This involves sculpting the image as a wax figure, which is then coated in fine clay. When the molten metal is poured in it burns out and replaces the wax.  finishing the work involves removing the clay casing and applying decorative finishes. It is a laborious and skilled work.

 The produced sculpture is more than just Art for the believer for whom it represents a living force. Sincerity in any art form can be felt. 

 These Thai Buddhas have been made traditionally for use by Buddhists in their personal and public shrines. Their beauty is the visual poetry of tranquility and compassion.

Thailand restricts trade in Objects of Devotion. These pieces have been legally exported with approval granted by the Thai National Museum.